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Kimberly Smith

Academic Coordinator

Language Arts/Reading

Ms. Kimberly Smith is our Academic Coordinator. She is an educator with 20 years of experience, teaching English Language Arts and Reading at the Secondary level. Ms. Smith earned a B.S. (Criminal Justice) and an M.Ed (Varying Exceptionalities) degrees; as well as various certifications and educational endorsements. She is certified and/or endorsed in English, ESOL, and Reading. Smith has had the opportunity to utilize her skills as a high school teacher and currently as a Middle school teacher, for the last 10 years. In a Leadership capacity, Ms. Smith has held the position of Team Leader and a Steward for the United Teachers of Dade at her past and present middle school settings. She is a quiet leader that leads with fairness and a smile.


Ms. Smith started her early years in West Coconut Grove before moving further South with family. This did not diminish her love for “home”. She went to elementary (West Lab), nearby, and graduated from Coral Gables Senior High School. Ms. Smith always comes back home and therefore uses her skills and knowledge to assist in the daily academic success of the scholars at the S.T.A.R.T Program, in the afternoon/evening during the academic school year and Summer Program. Ms. Smith lives by the mottos: “It’s always nice to be nice” and “To help others also helps you.”

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